From August 6th to November 13th 2005 St Nicholas Church mounted an exhibition and series of events to mark the 60th Anniversary of the ending of the second world war. It provided a suitable moment in time to reflect on the state of the world that continues to descend into turmoil and conflict. Although Europe has been free from organised wars on its own territories, countries within it have been involved in conflicts around the world almost continuously. Terrorism in various forms casts its shadow now as much as ever.

The exhibition was a humble attempt to engage at a local level with people at all stages of faith, and none, to put forward viewpoints and commentaries that tackle some of the hard questions. Some of the commentaries came from local members of clergy, providing a theological response. Other contributions pick out individuals and organisations who offer examples of loving responses to attitudes of conflict.

This website hopes to share the resources created for that exhibition by congregation members in a new and continuing way. The site contains some of the original artwork, writing and mini documentaries that were produced in 2005. This material has been submitted by the authors and orginal contributors and is used with permission.

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